Find out about the the perfect summer vacation.

We are all particularly appreciative of the vacation time. Time in which we are having fun, relaxing and enjoying ourselves, the way we want to, with whom we want to and where we want to. We offer you the perfect vacation, exactly according to your wishes. Whether you are enjoying in the adventure, or in a quiet holiday with family, friends, or by yourself. Restore your energy, and make the most out of your holiday.

Perfect holidays
Murter area has 2698
hours of sunshine per year
“We had an amazing day sailing round the islands with the skipper. Such an ideal place to visit and excellent way to spend our time. Lunch was typical to Croatia and very tasty. We felt very looked after it was nice to try something a bit different.”

Book accommodation

Book your accommodation on time and spend an unforgettable vacation on the island of Murter or Kornati islands.

Visit Kornati, a beautiful Croatian gem

The Kornati islands are an incredible combination of nature and mankind, which exists over thousands of years. All the power of nature has been demonstrated in the beautiful landscape, in which you can only enjoy.

Meet Murter and discover all its charms

Beautiful sea, pleasant climate, friendly people and wonderful scenery, are only a part of the Murter experience. Discover all the magic of this island, its history, culture, and a way of life.

Visit the beautiful Kornati islands by boat

The beauty of the Kornati islands is well known. It is the kind of beauty which only nature can create. Discover it in a way which will show you the unknown, untouched, and incredible. Visit the Kornati islands by boat tours.