Want to know what is hiding under the sea?

When you look at the sea it leaves you breathless, and it is only a small part which you can see. Imagine what lies below its surface. The Adriatic Sea is known for its purity. When you find yourself at a greater depth, it’s amazing how clearly you can see the bottom. With us, you can discover the glorious nature of the Kornati undersea.


Relax with swimming and snorkeling, and discover what is hiding in the crystal clear sea. We organize excursions in small, closed groups, so that we will start even with a minimum of two, and a maximum of 12 people! Try something new and spend your vacation in a different way.

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You will meet the unique undersea world of the Kornati National Park

Unlike other activities, it provides you with the opportunity to be surrounded by the undersea world

You don't need to have your equipment

And when you do not need equipment, there are no extra costs

It is good for your health

The silence of the undersea world, the clean sea, and the sun have a relaxing effect, and also improve your fitness

It will make you more sociable

You can interact with other members of the group, and meet new, interesting people.

It represents an adventure

While you are snorkeling you explore, you can never say with certainty what will you come across and what will you see in your explorations
The journey is the knowledge

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